Saturday, 10 February 2007

February 2006

Dear friends,

You are probably wondering how Manny is getting on. He arrived in Sudan in the second week of January and is currently at the city of Yei in the province of Central Equatoria (link on this link to see some maps):

This region is in a remote part of southern Sudan that has experienced 30 years of civil war (between the Muslim north and Christian south) and has only recently returned to peace and stability. For this reason communication with the outside world is difficult, he is not able therefore to keep in direct contact with us at the moment, but he is in contact with his parents in Kenya who have been able to provide an update on his behalf.

He is working with Across and is heavily involved in evangelistic preaching and has found this encouraging - though no there isn't any mention at all of sport which as you know, is very dear to his heart. It is possible that he will be going to a consultation on sports evangelism in Ethiopia later this month, which will enable him to talk with others with overlapping visions. SIM is sponsoring it and is paying for him to go.

He is beginning to settle in though he is still getting used to seeing the severe poverty around him that is a feature of daily life for most people. An outbreak of Cholera has recently broken out in the area in and around Yei, so please pray for protection for him and everyone he knows.
Across is currently in the process of sorting out what he is doing and will be able to clarify his work plan when he returns to Kenya for a break sometime in March.

Prayer pointers:

Give thanks for his safe arrival
Give thanks for the opportunity he has always wanted to reach the people of Sudan
Pray for good health and protection from infections
Pray for stamina where he may encounter conditions of hardship
Pray for opportunities to use and develop his sports outreach ministry
Pray for good friendships that will sustain him

Yours in Him

Richard Mallett

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