Saturday, 10 February 2007

May 2006

A number of you have been asking me for an update on Manny.

Thank you for expressing your continuing interest, I know that he greatly values your support. He is actually deep inside Sudan where contact with the outside world is very difficult, especially using the methods we take for granted such as telephone and email. Therefore, it will be a while before we hear further news from him and is also why you won't have received a reply if you have tried to contact him direct.

So your prayers are even more important in the absence of any news, as it would be easy for him to become isolated from the people he relies upon - which of course means you!

A reminder of ongoing requests is given below:

Prayer requests

Give thanks for God’s goodness
Give thanks for the opportunity he has always wanted to reach the people of Sudan
Pray for a Spiritual encourager
Pray for adjustment to the culture and the weather
Pray for good health and protection from infections
Pray for stamina where he may encounter conditions of hardship
Pray for opportunities to use and develop his sports outreach ministry
Pray for good friendships that will sustain him

You may have seen recent coverage in the news about one of Sudan's regions, Darfur. This link gives more details along with other information on Sudan

Thank you again for your continuing support.

Richard Mallett on behalf of Manny Sharland

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